• The EOhopS store is open again!
  • You are involved in a scientific research project and want to try out the benefits of hosted processing?

    With EOhopS, ESA gives you the opportunity to do so without any costs. You can evaluate the advantages of working with free and commercial data in a powerful hosted processing environment and use it for your interactive and automated geoprocessing.

  • We are standing by to help you
  • If you have never worked with a cloud environment before, and would like to do a quick pre-check of how to connect, let us know. It will take you less than 10 minutes. Our remote sensing and GIS experts are also happy to help you to select your data, software and workbench for the estimated duration of your project.

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  • Applying for a project is easy
  • The first step is to choose suitable products for your project on EOhopS store and place them in the shopping cart.

    For your hosted environment, first select your workbench and then whichever EOdata, software and analytics you like.

    EOhopS Order Components

    In order to apply for credits submit the project proposal together with the shopping cart at ESA.

    Then, ESA evaluates the research projects and assigns EOhopS credits to your project. This might take a while, but we keep you updated about the process. As soon as we get the approval information from ESA, cloudeo helpdesk will provide you with your EOhopS store login credentials and credits for your project.

    Once you have received your credits, visit EOhopS Store again. You can spend your credits on your desired imagery software and analytics and you are flexible to still adjust your initial selections.

    Enjoy your work!

    If you shall encounter any difficulties our helpdesk is happy to assist you.

    We want to improve our service! Therefore your feedback is of great importance and a mandatory part of the project. We try to make it as easy as possible for you and prepared a short feedback form that you will have to fill in.

    Application Process