• The EOhopS Store is open again!
  • Are you engaged in valuable scientific research, but require more capable IT and Earth Observation resources at your disposal? You’re in luck, because your project could be eligible for exactly that and at no cost to you!

    The European Space Agency and cloudeo AG have developed the EOhopS program to empower scientists and researchers like you with a powerful hosted geoprocessing environment replete with the latest Earth Observation software, tools, and free and commercial data.

    Please be informed that the available credits are consumed and therefore the proposal submission is closed.

  • Our team is here to help!
  • If you have never worked within a cloud environment and require assistance, please let us know. Our remote sensing and GIS experts are happy to help you to select your data, software and workbench for the duration of your project.

  • Applying is easy!
  • To begin the application process, browse the EOhopS store and add the resources suitable for your project to the shopping cart.

    First, select your host, a powerful Virtual Machine we call a Workbench. The workbench is your customizable processing platform from which you will run your applications, access your data, and conduct your analytics. You will even be able to upload your own content as well, like in situ data or scientific algorithms, to the workbench once you have access.

    select your workbench

    Next, browsing the EOhopS store, select the Earth Observation data sources, software, and analytics you would like added to your workbench.

    select your workbench
    software and data

    Once finished shopping, submit your project proposal together with your complete shopping cart to ESA to undergo the review process. ESA will then evaluate your research project and requested resources and, if approved, assign your project the appropriate credits to spend at the EOhopS store.

    submit your application
    to ESA

    Note that this step can take some time while it is under review but rest assured that you will be updated throughout the process as it progresses. As soon as we receive approval from ESA, the cloudeo helpdesk will provide you your EOhopS store login information as well as the assigned credits for your project.

    After receiving your credits and login information, return to the EOhopS store where you may spend your credits on the hosted environment and resources you need to conduct your research and begin your project!

    select your hosted
    resources and start
    conducting research

    Of course, should you encounter any difficulties please contact our helpdesk. We would be more than happy to assist you!

    The success of the EOhopS program is made possible through the projects of scientists and researchers like you. In order for us to improve this process and better empower scientific research projects in the future, all that we require is that you provide regular feedback throughout the course of your work using these hosted resources.

    provide feedback and
    help improve EOhopS