• Apply for EOhopS Credits! It’s simple.
  • Please note:
    Due to exhaustion of resources, the EOhopS project is currently on standby. Consequently no new applications for EOhopS credits can be accepted at the moment. However we still encourage you to already create a shopping cart for your project and we will keep you updated on when new proposals are going to be accepted again.

    EOhopS, part of the ESA Earthnet Third Party Mission programme, allows users to analyse EO data in a hosted-processing environment together with analytical software (ENVI, IDL, ESA SNAP). Select free EO data and software for your research and pay with Credits on EOhopS Store. You get EOhopS Credits from the European Space Agency (ESA) upon approval of your project.

    1. Select on EOhopS Store the products you wish to use, add them to your shopping cart and export the shopping cart as pdf.
    2. Apply at ESA with your project proposal and attach the exported shopping cart.

    After approval by ESA, you will receive your credentials for your account on EOhopS Store and find EOhopS Credits assigned to your research project. Use these Credits to request the best fitting IT, software and EO data for your research.

  • SI Imaging Services, KOMPSAT-5 Archive WS, wide swath
  • ShowMySite
  • SI Imaging Services, KOMPSAT-5 Archive ST, standard resolution
  • Workbench for Science
  • SI Imaging Services, KOMPSAT-5 Archive HR, high resolution
  • SI Imaging Services, KOMPSAT-5 Tasking
  • Your advantages with EOhopS
  • The EO data and software will be provided to you on a processing environment dedicated for remote sensing and GIS. With EOhopS’ hosted concept for EO data and software you save time for your application development. There are no needs for software installations. Data handling and paper work is minimized. You accelerate your analysis with up-to-date processing power and easy data access.

    Spend your Credits smart: Select short term usage of software and EO data and get access to more data sets and to advanced software packages to test and develop your application.

    Please contact us, if you have any questions how you can benefit from this special offering. We are happy to assist you with your application process, product selection and any problem you encounter during your project work.

  • Your project is not or only partly approved?
  • There may be many reasons which are not subject to the quality of your proposal. Contact us at CloudEO, we are happy to help you to evaluate best possibilities to access data, software and IT at favourable costs for research and pre-commercial developments. See for example our KOMPSAT Development Center.