SPOT 6/7 - Archive

  • Spectral bands: Pan, R, G, B, NIR
  • 1.5 m natural-colour ortho products
  • Daily revisits to any point worldwide
  • Simplify your remote sensing with hosted Spot 6/7 data

SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 are designed to cover wide areas in record time, making it possible to regularly update national map series free from the constraints imposed by seasonal conditions. The constellation covers up to 6 million km2 every day, an area larger than the entire European Union.

Four weather forecasts per day are integrated automatically into the tasking process to optimize efficiency. As a result, 60% of images have less than 10% cloud cover.

While retaining SPOT's trademark 60-km wide imaging swath, SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 offer users a number of key improvements:

  • 1.5-meter-resolution natural-colour products, orthorectified as standard
  • Multi-year coverage of entire national territories
  • Daily revisits to any point on the globe

Built with a 10-year lifetime warranty, SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 will assure continuity of high-resolution data services through to 2024.

On EOhopS Store you can order the data for use on a hosted processing environment, the Workbench for Science. The data will be delivered to your workbench and is ready to use.

Select your desired scenes below and request a quote. It will be provided to you together with your project approval by ESA.

Please note: For legal and geographical restrictions by ESA, this product can only be provided to European customers.

SPOT 6/7 - Archive



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1.5 m

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Workbench for Science

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Don't forget that you need a Workbench for Science for the full time period within which you like to use the data. If you do not have a workbench already, book it here. If you need help with your selection, just contact us.

Pricing / Licensing 

This is a Restrained Product. Its use is governed by EOhopS EULA. Any download of raster data is prohibited. You can request to download your results in raster or vector format through cloudeo checkout or to publish as WMS as long as they do not contain any image data. The data sets are made available through ESA TPM program and cloudeo representative takes the role of a Principal Investigator towards ESA. The EOhopS EULA applies to you as if you were a Principal Investigator to ESA.