KOMPSAT-2 Archive

  • Map large areas with high resolution imagery
  • Select from a huge archive or request tasking
  • 1 m panchromatic data
  • 4 channel multispectral data (RGB and NIR)
  • All data orthorectified (L1G)
  • Save credits with short time licenses

KOMPSAT-2 Archive provides millions of panchromatic imagery (PAN) at 1 m and multispectral imagery (MS) at 4 m resolution since 2006 and the archive is still increasing. With KOMPSAT-2 you can map large areas very cost efficiently and use it for example for agriculture monitoring, precision farming, natural disaster surveillance, forest management, ocean & water monitoring and land cover mapping.

On EOhopS Store you can order the data for temporary use on a hosted processing environment, the Workbench for Science. You can select between 3, 6 or 12 months subscription period. The data will be delivered to your workbench either as pansharpened data set or as bundle consisting of the panchromatic (PAN) and the 4 multispectral (MS) channels.

KOMPSAT-2 Archive



Off the shelf  

Worldwide archive data (L1G) - growing since 2006

On demand 

Contact us for tasking or other product options


PAN: 1.0 m / MS: 4.0 m

Short text 

Pansharpened: 0.7 m

Access mode 

Workbench for Science



Delivery time 

A few business days



Product description 

KOMPSAT-2 is a high performance remote sensing satellite, which provides 1.0 m panchromatic image and 4.0 m multispectral image data for various applications. It was launched on the 28th of July, 2006 and developed by KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) to continue the observation program of the KOMPSAT-1 mission.

Data specifications

    PAN: 500 ~ 900 nm
    MS1 (B): 450 ~ 520 nm
    MS2 (G): 520 ~ 600 nm
    MS3 (R): 630 ~ 690 nm
    MS4 (N): 760 ~ 900 nm
    Quantization: 10 bits/pixel
    Map projection / Datum: UTM / WGS84


    Orbit: Sun synchronous
    Altitude: 685 km
    Inclination: 98.12 deg
    Local acquisition time: 10:50 am
    Duty cycle: 20% per orbit (about 18 minutes per orbit)
    Swath width: 15 km (nadir)

Configure and order 

  • Select data: Click here to select your imagery in cloudeo catalogue.
  • Delivery package: Select one option. There is no difference in price.
  • Subscription period: You can access the data on your workbench for the selected period.
  • Remarks: Insert any questions or comments here.

Please note 

Don't forget that you need a Workbench for Science for the full time period within which you like to use the data. If you do not have a workbench already, book it here. If you need help with your selection, just contact us.

Pricing / Licensing 

The pricing is based on the size of the selected area. This is a Restrained Product. In addition to EOhopS EULA, its use is governed by KOMPSAT-2 EULA. Any download of raster data is prohibited. You can request to download your results in raster or vector format through cloudeo checkout or to publish as WMS as long as they do not contain any image data.