ESA supports your research and application development with hosted EO data, software or IT.

The EOhopS call aims to investigate new means of access to public and commercial satellite data and geosoftware allowing scientist to exploit more data more easily.

Users can apply for their accepted projects for the following resources for their research:

  • For processing infrastructure
  • For commercial software and analytics on time bases as add on to the pre-installed open source software
  • For commercial satellite data hosted on the processing infrastructure

Users will be provided with credentials to login into their private workspace on the cloud. To this workspace the user can also upload own data and software. The service provider (cloudeo) always respects your proprietary rights to data, software or analytics which you upload to your processing environment.

The hosted processing service includes the possibility to download results and / or publish as WMS service for a certain time. If commercial imagery is used, the download is restricted to data in vector format only.

Access to the service is funded by ESA, projects will be selected based on technical/scientific feasibility and availability of ESA allocated resources.

To learn about previous EOhopS Projects visit ESA Earth Online and enter "eohops" as keyword.

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