How to apply

Within EOhopS you can get free data from third party missions, free commercial software and analytics hosted on a processing environment dedicated for remote sensing and GIS. To grant you those products, ESA needs to know, which products you wish to get and needs to evaluate your proposed work.

The most simple way to apply:

  1. Select the products you may need on EOhopS Store, save them in your shopping cart and export the shopping cart as pdf.
  2. Register at ESA, enter your project proposal and attach the exported shopping cart.
  3. Once your project is approved, you can login on EOhopS Store and you will find credits for your approved project. You can use these credits freely and select the best fitting IT, software and images for your research

How to configure your hosted EO data processing

  1. Select your EO data and the planned time period for the usage of the data. You can typically select between 3, 6 or 12 months. Please also select the planned starting data for your usage.
  2. Configure your Geo-IT on which you want to process the selected data. Both, interactive workflows and automated applications are supported.
  3. Add-on option: Select commercial software and analytics to further enhance your analysis. You will find it ready-to-use on your Geo-IT.

Please note

  • You can use the Geo-IT for your own data and / or analytics
  • You can upload application packages, such as docker
  • We can configure the setup for joint work of project groups
  • The subscription period for your Geo-IT has to match the subscription period for your selected EO data and / or selected add-on software

We are happy to assist you with your application process, product selection and any problem or question you encounter during your project work.