SI Imaging Services

SI Imaging Services (SIIS) was founded in April 2014 as a subsidiary of Satrec Initiative (SI) with the mission of "Fair Access to Space". SIIS, which is specialized company in satellite imaging services, is exclusive distributor of KOMPSAT-2 (1.0 m optical), KOMPSAT-3 (0.7 m optical), and KOMPSAT-5 (1.0 m SAR) satellites imagery and also distributes DubaiSat-2 (1.0 m optical) imagery worldwide. SIIS has established the global business network with more than 55 resellers and partners. In the capability of providing both optical and radar imagery as well as the collaborative business with worldwide network, SIIS offers better and fair imaging services to customers.

Image Productsort descending Provider
KOMPSAT-2 satellite images KOMPSAT-2 SI Imaging Services
  • Map large areas with high resolution imagery
  • Select from a huge archive or request tasking
  • 1 m panchromatic data...
KOMPSAT-3 SI Imaging Services
  • Get very high resolution orthorectified optical imagery
  • With 14 bits/pixel best for spectral analysis
  • Generate...
KOMPSAT-3A SI Imaging Services
  • Combine infrared and very high resolution imagery
  • Achieve highly accurate landcover classifications
  • Due to 14...
KOMPSAT-5 KOMPSAT-5 SI Imaging Services
  • Get imagery independent of weather and daylight
  • Multiple acquisition modes available
  • Extra wide swath with 100 km...
KOMPSAT - Multispectral SI Imaging Services
  • High resolution multispectral data
  • Global coverage
  • Afternoon images available
  • Save credits with time...