EO data

Select the best suited EO data for your application

ESA supports your application development with EO data from third party missions. Your advantage of applying for EO data hosted on a processing platform are:

  • Quick and easy start: You do not have to download and manage large volumes of data.
  • You can enhance your application development with more data: Just select shorter usage periods and get more data for your credits.

Find below a selection of EO data. If you are looking for different sensors or data, just contact us or visit CloudEO Store. We are happy to help to find for you most appropriate data.

Image Productsort descending Provider
KOMPSAT-2 satellite images KOMPSAT-2 SI Imaging Services
  • Map large areas with high resolution imagery
  • Select from a huge archive or request tasking
  • 1 m panchromatic data...
KOMPSAT-3 SI Imaging Services
  • Get very high resolution orthorectified optical imagery
  • With 14 bits/pixel best for spectral analysis
  • Generate...
KOMPSAT-3A SI Imaging Services
  • Combine infrared and very high resolution imagery
  • Achieve highly accurate landcover classifications
  • Due to 14...
KOMPSAT-5 KOMPSAT-5 SI Imaging Services
  • Get imagery independent of weather and daylight
  • Multiple acquisition modes available
  • Extra wide swath with 100 km...
KOMPSAT - Multispectral SI Imaging Services
  • High resolution multispectral data
  • Global coverage
  • Afternoon images available
  • Save credits with time...
Pleiades Satellite Image - Louvre, Abu Dhabi, UAE, © CNES 2016, Distribution Airbus DS, all rights reserved Pléiades ESA
  • Benefit from a huge archive of 0.5 m resolution multi-spectral data
  • Suitable for many applications due to infrared channel...
ShowMySite ShowMySite CloudEO
  • See any site in the world with high resolution imagery
  • Validate your classification results
  • Use it to find best...
SPOT 6/7 Satellite Image - Wolf volcano, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, © Airbus 2015, all rights reserved Spot 6/7 ESA
  • Spectral bands: Pan, R, G, B, NIR
  • 1.5 m natural-colour ortho products
  • Daily revisits to any point worldwide...
  • High resolution radar data
  • Spatial resolution: ≥ 0.25 m
  • Independent of weather conditions and illumination
  • ...
WorldView DigitalGlobe
  • High-resolution showing crisp detail
  • Greatest collection capacity
  • Fastest 50 cm revisit times - intraday revisits...