• High-resolution showing crisp detail
  • Greatest collection capacity
  • Fastest 50 cm revisit times - intraday revisits
  • High geolocational accuracy
  • Large high-resolution swath width
  • Most agile with rapid retargeting
  • Greatest in-track stereo collection




Product description 

The Worldview constellation delivers 30 cm resolution imagery in high quality for better decision making through improved situational awareness. Combined, the satellites have a daily image capacity of over three million square kilometers, giving you access to all parts of the globe and feeding into the industry's largest imagery archive.

  • Unsurpassed haze penetration: See through clouds and smoke and detect objects on the other side of them, rendering these obstructions invisible.
  • Highest spectral diversity: Multi and super-spectral capabilities allow you to easily distinguish between materials on the earth's surface, opening up exploration and feature identification opportunities.
  • Most-frequent revisit rates: The satellites have a high revisit rate, so you can detect changes on the ground over short periods of time.
  • Geolocation accuracy: Our advanced accuracy technology ensures content from DigitalGlobe is as closely aligned as possible to a known lat/long coordinate on the surface of the earth.


Pricing / Licensing 

This is a Restrained Product. In addition to EOhopS EULA, its use is governed by DigitalGlobe EOhopS EULA, and any download of raster data is prohibited. You can request to download your results in vector format through CloudEO checkout or to publish as WMS.